Monday, February 7, 2011

Little story about my trip to Paris

Last year after my graduation I had amazing opportunity to come to Paris! They say in Paris all dreams come true...I checked it out - they really do!
I've never seen such beautiful places, people, streets, clothes! In every corner there was a surprise for me!

During the trip I had three days to look round Switzerland! Geneva -> Bern -> Basel -> Moulouse -> Paris

Haha waiting for the next train somewhere in Switzerland)))) I'm tired and hopeless))))

And then back Paris <- Moulouse <- Basel 

Every little girl's dream :*

 Fantastic power of architecture and design in La Defance:

 And the most beautiful building in the world! Wish to live in a big appartment with a balcony just in front of this view....

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  1. nice pics!the last one is wonderful!
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